Mary Shea


Mary Shea is an accomplished artist, trained in drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Her education includes an MFA in drawing from the University of Cincinnati, a BFA in painting and sculpture from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and study at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture and the Yale Summer School of Music and Art. Mary combines a love of drawing with a passion for color and light . She took her first life drawing class at age 16 and the human figure continues to be the subject of many of her works. She enjoys mixing media, is more drawn to paper than canvas, and like many artists she admires, tends toward the intimate in both subject matter and scale.


Mary’s teaching experience spans more than twenty years and includes teaching university undergraduate and graduate classes as well as community education classes and workshops. She exhibits often, and her work is in public and private collections throughout the U.S.



  • MFA in Drawing, University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture and Art
  • BFA in Painting and Sculpture, Art Academy of Cincinnati

  • New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture

  • Yale Summer School of Music and Art


Teaching Experience:

  • University of Cincinnati
  • Art Academy of Cincinnati

  • Edmonds Community College

  • Daniel Smith Seattle

  • Miller Community Center, Seattle

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