About Seattle Artist League

Are you a mother with a long lost art degree? A tech geek looking for a creative outlet? Or maybe you need some quality ‘me-time’ in your busy life?

Whoever you are, we are an art school for people like you.

It’s time to kickstart your art, learn new ways to see, and develop your own style. From hobbyists to creatives on a professional path, we’ve got you. Our approach is classically influenced yet thoroughly contemporary, with observation as the cornerstone that informs every aspect of our work. From drawing and painting to ceramics and sculpture, we teach the skills to hone your eyes, expand your language, find joy in creation, and do it all within a supportive and inclusive environment. We’re the art school we wish we’d always had.

Welcome to the League!

Where is Seattle Artist League?

Our Georgetown studio opened in 2022. We are proud to be part of the Georgetown community!

Local? Join us for our in-studio classes! 
Not so local? Join us for our online classes!

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