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"I've hit the motherlode of inspiration for my painting!"- Janet


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The Seattle Artist League is an art school for people like you. Our small class sizes and studio workshops provide hands-on education accessible to anyone who endeavors to make art a daily part of their life.

Professional artist-instructors at the League teach drawing, painting, pottery, printmaking, and more. Membership, quarterly classes, weekend workshops, online and in-person options, and convenient schedules give you the freedom to personalize your own education.

Start where you are.

Never taken an art class? Studied pretty seriously and loved it but let it go and now you want back in? Always yearned to draw and now is the time? Had a love affair with Great Pottery Throwdown during Covid and thought, “I think I’d like that”? We got you. 

Our school is located in the Georgetown neighborhood in Seattle with parking available. Yup. Parking.

We strive to make Seattle Artist League a place where you can learn skills while finding your own artistic expression. Come Join Us.


After years of wanting to offer pottery, we have done it. Our new pottery studio is part of our school in Georgetown (pictured right). The large airy space offers plenty of wheels (14 + instructor wheel), large work tables for handbuilding, 2 kilns, and racks-upon-racks of drying space.

Our instructor, Scott, is a professional potter who brings years of experience as both a teacher and studio manager. Currently working on a soda kiln as an addition to the school, Scott instructs classes from One-Shot Pots with Scott to Hand Building Programs.

He employs a soda kiln in his pottery work and we are happy to say he has offered to build a kiln for the school (classes coming soon).

All pottery classes come with supervised Open Studio Time.

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